Online Services-Business

Standard Business NetTeller... Your 24-hour Online Banking Tool

This comprehensive business service enables small business and commercial customers to:

  • View both loan and deposit account balances
  • View check images - front and back
  • Determine line of credit availability and activity
  • View and download transaction history
  • Transfer funds between Landmark accounts
  • Make payments on Landmark loans
  • Place stop payments on checks-discounted fee
  • Access account statements

Cash Management Services

Utilize Landmark’s online banking service, NetTeller, to transfer funds between your credit lines and deposit accounts. We can arrange a daily sweep between your checking account and credit line.

NetTeller also offers Positive Pay - an online tool that can help protect you from check fraud. To learn more about Positive Pay, talk to your Landmark Loan Officer. Use this service to:

  • Provide different levels of security access for multiple users
  • Submit wire transfer requests
  • Create common ACH transactions, including:
    • Direct deposit payroll
    • Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service (EFTPS)

This service is available for a monthly fee of $9.95 for Small Business clients, and Commercial clients. ( - Fee based on earnings credit and compensating balances.)

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit streamlines the entire bank deposit process, so no more driving to the bank to make a deposit. This system is like bringing the bank’s teller window to your business!

How Remote Deposit Works

A desktop scanner and browser based software is used to scan and create an image of the front and back of each check. The check amounts are entered and batches are balanced automatically. The completed batches are then transmitted to Landmark Bank using a secure Internet connection.

Benefits of Remote Deposit

This system will increase accuracy of your deposit process while eliminating trips to the bank. It will also improve cash flow due to later deposit deadlines. Remote Deposit allows you to view history of deposit amounts, check images and transaction detail online indefinitely. This system will also allow you to import transaction data to your company’s accounts receivable system.


  • Enroll by signing up for Netteller Internet Banking, it's that easy.
  • Secure: E-Statements are sent encrypted and require a password to be accessed
  • Convenient: You can view, print or download your E-Statement to your computer or a disk any time you want. And, you can have all of your E-Statements organized in one central location which makes them easy to retrieve
  • Fast: You’ll receive your E-Statement one or two days earlier than you normally receive your paper statement
  • Free: There is no cost to enroll for E-Statement service

Bill Pay

Eliminate the hassle and expense of writing and mailing checks to pay your bills. Spend your time doing things you really like to do by using Landmark's Bill Pay Service instead. Landmark's Bill Pay will give you the flexibility of structuring payments to fit the way you live.

  • Payments may be set up on a one time, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis.
  • Pay anyone from the paperboy to any credit card company online instead of writing checks.
  • Save money on check order fees.
  • Pay your bills anytime, anywhere from any Internet connection.
  • Have complete online access to bill payment history.
  • You control when funds are taken.
  • Available for checking accounts only.
  • Available through your Netteller login.