Business Checking


Landmark Business Checking Accounts

Small Business


Admiral Business


Designed For:

Businesses with a low volume of activity

Businesses with a higher volume of activity

Small to medium sized businesses with moderate volume of activity

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)businesses and

Government / Public Fund Entities

Opening Deposit Required





Minimum Balance



Minimum daily balance requirements


Monthly Service Fee



if balance falls below minimum

if balance falls below minimum

Debit Fees

No fee for the first 30 debits - $0.25 thereafter

$0.15 per debit  See Earnings Credit

$.40 per debit, credit or deposited item over the first 250 items

$.40 per debit, credit or deposited item over the first 500 items

Credit Fees


$0.15 per credit
See Earnings Credit

Deposited Items



per ACH transaction or deposited item See Earnings Credit

Intrest Rate

Non-interest bearing account

Variable rate on
tiered balances
See Deposit Rate Sheet


Generated at month end with images of all checks and deposits tickets

Overdraft/NSF Fees

$35.00 per item created by check, in person withdrawal,
or electronic withdrawal such as ACH or AFT


Other Features

MasterCard Debit or ATM Card

Yes, upon approval​

Sweep Transfer

$2.00 per transfer

Telephone Transfers

$2.00 - FREE when using NetTeller or Phone Banking

Phone Banking

FREE Landmark Line at 763-444-2265

NetTeller OnlineBanking

FREE - See a Personal Banker to get started.

NetTeller Cash Management

$50.00 set up fee, $9.95 per month

Click here for more information

Bill Pay

$6.95 per month for up to 10 bills.
$0.40 for each additional bill.


FREE with NetTeller Online Banking

Remote Deposit

See a Personal Banker for details



Average Ledger Balance



Less: Uncollected Funds


-   1,500.00

Average Collected Balance



Less: Reserve Requirement (10%)


-   4,050.00

Equals: Net Average Collected Balance






Account Maintenance Fee




8 x $0.15


Checks Written

40 x $0.15


Checks Deposited

20 x $0.12


ACH Credits

2 x $0.12


ACH Debits

4 x $0.12





Equals: Total Activity Charges This Month







Activity Charges


Less: Earnings Allowance *



Equals: Account Service Charge This Month




Earnings Credit Rate 0.20% **


* The calculation is based on the number of days in statement period. This example illustrates Account Service Charge for a 31-day month/statement period.

** The earnings credit rate is subject to change without notice.